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Information on Textile Cleaning and Restoration – and the Analysis of the Condition of Rugs and Textiles

  • TEXTILE CLEANING AND RESTORATION - This page describes the work of the textile department at Talisman. The knowledge, skill and expertise that is applied to the conservation of delicate textiles at Talisman also informs the work of the Oriental rug cleaning and restoration department. Only Talisman has the ability to clean and restore both 3000 year old archaeological textiles as well as modern Oriental area rugs.
  • THE EXAMINATION OF TEXTILES AND RUGS I - All rugs and textiles are thoroughly examined before, during and after cleaning in order to develop the best strategies for cleaning and to monitor the process. The variety of materials and techniques used in ethnographic textiles is reflected in the complexity of Oriental rugs and European tapestries.
  • THE EXAMINATION OF TEXTILES AND RUGS II - The number of defects in both antique and new rugs and textiles are many - and normally invisible to the naked eye. These include, but are not limited to: touch-up with fugitive ink and dyes on the front and back, writing or stenciling on the back, "invisible" marking with fugitive ink on the embedded warps and wefts, weak old or new repairs (often done by manufacturers to correct faults in new rugs), fugitive "antiquing", broken warps or wefts, unsecured selvedges, fugitive dyes in original colors, damaged or modified fibers, etc.

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