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Oakland Rug Cleaning

Oakland Oriental Rug Cleaning

Talisman has been the #1 rug cleaning company in Oakland/Piedmont/Montclair for over 32 years.

Among Talisman's first clients were Oakland rug galleries such as Dragon Rug Studio, Breema, Devi, The Old Rug and Claremont Rug Company. Oakland/Piedmont remains a major focus for our services - from antique Persian rugs to modern area floor coverings.

Claremont Rug Company in Oakland has been a client of Talisman since 1980 - the year that both Talisman and Claremont Rugs began in business. Claremont focusses primarily on antique Oriental rugs. It carefully selects among historical rugs only those that rise above craftsmanship to the level of art. Its reputation is unsurpassed for representing the finest Persian rugs that have come to us from the long tradition of rug making.

In the specialized area of antique and collectible Oriental carpets, Talisman wholeheartedly recommends Claremont Rug Company - and we value our long association. Claremont offers Oriental rug services exclusively for its own clients and does not generally accept rugs from the general public solely for the purpose of cleaning.

Contact Information for Claremont Rug Company:

Claremont Rug Company
6087 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, California 94618
Phone: 1-800-441-1332
Web: www.claremontrug.com

Moth and Pest Control


A valuable resource for moth and pest control is the conservation department of the Oakland Museum. John Burke, head of the conservation department, has pioneered the eradication of insects through the use of CO2 gas. The method is 100% effective, does no harm and leaves no residue. This "anoxic" method is now the preferred method of insect control for all antique and museum objects.

Contact Information for Deborah Lohrke:

Deborah Lohrke
Oakland Museum of California, Conservation Center
1000 Oak Street, Oakland, California 94607
Phone: 510.238.3806

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