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Oriental Rugs: Cleaning And Repair

  • ORIENTAL RUG CLEANING AND RESTORATION - This page describes the rug cleaning and restoration work at Talisman. At Talisman, all rugs are hand cleaned individually and carefully by specialized craftspeople. Although primarily serving Northern California - from Carmel to San Jose, Menlo Park to Marin and beyond - over the decades Talisman's rug cleaning and restoration has also become well-known and respected throughout the United States. Ask any designer, rug dealer, museum or Oriental rug society. See our References.
  • SAN FRANCISCO RUG CLEANING page - Talisman began in 1980 in order to offer reliable hand cleaning of Oriental rugs to dealers and collectors in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • BERKELEY RUG CLEANING page - Talisman has been the #1 Oriental rug cleaning and restoration service in Berkeley for over 32 years.
  • OAKLAND RUG CLEANING page - Oakland/Piedmont rug galleries, collectors and home owners have turned to Talisman for Oriental rug cleaning and restoration since 1980.

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